Patrick Keiken: The real reason Rob Kempes panicked the media

Patrick Keiken: Top 40 returns at 538 on Friday for Quinn and Sander

[BLOG] You must have learned something from him. The Today Inside men quarrel with fellow SBS6, Rob Kemps. The latter did not want Gijp to joke with pictures of the program that Kemps is doing with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Rob lay down at the last minute to broadcast the photos. He was afraid of the influence of Toine van Peperstraten, which would be constantly repeated (Toine who said goodbye to Studio Sport in tears). He could have done a better job because Kemps has been the target of ridicule on VI all week and also declined an offer to come as a guest on the show. However, we can find why Kemps was suspicious and afraid to appear live in the media in the fact that he had to lie to himself for ten years. This is why it starts with the radio.

Let me take you back to early 2011. Robert Jensen was the morning player on Radio Veronica. But he hated it: the first half of his radio program contained old fragments started by his friend Jean Paparazzi, from 7.30, which could be heard live, often from home. It also seems like there’s no match for Veronica’s listening audience, so the listening personalities backed down. At that time I was sitting in a nice place with Veronica in the afternoon, from 1 to 4 pm. Such a time when the market share is always high. I’ve been there a little over half a year ago, as the successor to the Hebrew Maat at that time, when the management started feeling I’d be better off in the morning (I did from 2005 to 2008 and actually not worth it). Expensive dinner at Red Sun in Blaricum. To get rid of the bullshit, I said yes, but I knew as an evening/night person that doing that morning show again wasn’t actually for me.

We now turn to the mystery of the Great Rob Kemps. In fact, after 3 or 4 months on my gums again that morning (I slept a few hours at night and a few during the day) somewhere just before summer, I got buzzing in my ears and threw an ax. The third morning jock in half a year was recklessly pulled out of the top hat and that was.. Rick van Velthuisen. Such a guy who doesn’t need to sleep and at that time can be heard (live) on the station 7 days a week, even on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. What Rick did cleverly (and I didn’t) was gather a great team around him, including Jurgen Jovers. Remember this name because it is now synonymous with Rob Kemps or Snollebollekes.

With Carnival 2013, DJ/sidekick Jurjen Gofers made a carnival track with his voice on the morning show called “Vrouwkes”. She became a hit (underground) and the Snollebollekes were born. It was in such great demand that action had to be done around it. Jurjen, like many jockeys on radio discs, is too shy to stand on stage with a microphone, so the “front guy” was sought after and that was Rob Kemps. And a big mistake was made: Instead of just honestly saying this, a suggestion has been created all over the place that Rob Kemps is the voice on those recordings of Snollebollekes, the verb singer. But it isn’t at all, that’s Jurjen Gofers, at all the big hits for years, even after Vrouwkes. Until it leaked last year, in the story And the In the news show. But before that Kemps had already spent evenings at the all-sold Gelredome and I know how many party tents pretend to be heard by those visits for so much money.

It was rejected a year ago arguing that the songs were “made by a team,” but the voice you hear on all tracks “left to right” is Jurjen and the guy who’s been performing everywhere for ten years is Rob Kemps. The most expensive bar work in the Netherlands! €25,000 for half an hour of Snollebollekes, according to Google. For comparison: Gerard Juling comes for 22,000 euros and then you see the real singer, not the podium. Boot pinches there somewhere. Lots of money for those who pretend.

Can you say, how important is that? Well, if Marco Borsato had been someone else’s voice in his songs, the whole country would have been turned upside down. They have now cleverly adapted all Wikipedia pages and sites so that they no longer state that Rob Kempes is the singer of the Snollebollekes, but have been maintained for at least 8 years, from 2013 to 2021. Milli Vanilli Principle: A real singer does so don’t you dare leave it, We synchronize it with someone else and shout ‘Where are those hands’? Notably, pop musician Rob Kemps, who most often screams with a band on which someone else’s voice can be heard during his performance, gives a show called “Chansons” with Van Nieuwkerk about famous singers. While Kemps himself can’t be heard in his “private” records, he pretended all those years. Something like that will devour you, of course. How is the expression again, “As an innkeeper trusts his guests?” It would be nice for Rob to sit down on a live show like this and say “Yeah folks, that’s right, I pretended to be someone I haven’t been in years, and now I’m the real Rob Kemps and I can finally be myself.” Saves a lot of doubt and sleepless nights!

Patrick Cake

By the way, I still endorse a 538 kimp daily radio show, with or without Brett Decker, What I suggested a year and a half ago. Can he finally make himself heard? I think it may spread. It just has to be the same.

Snollebollekes’ real voice

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