Body Donny Roelvink has been struck again

Body Donny Roelvink has been struck again

On his Instagram Stories, Dries Roelvink’s son shares a photo of himself sitting on his physiotherapist’s couch. Monday doesn’t go as planned: “We’re starting the week off really well again. I sprained my back this morning while squatting, shifting my disc.

In the next story, you can see that Donnie is being taken care of. Writes “Thanks for the quick switch”. It is important that Donny takes things easy in the coming period, Drees told RTL Boulevard.

According to the physiotherapist, “muscles can stiffen” due to the “stressful period” Donnie has been going through. Anyway, Donnie will spend the next few days at the physiotherapist, his dad keeps reporting. All in all, Driss thinks his son is “on top again” by the 10th day.

We hope Donnie has more luck from now on. Last June, while shooting a fitness video, he ended up under the hammer. He ended up in the hospital with five broken ribs and a collapsed lung. In December 2022, he was also diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Fortunately, he will receive positive news in the last minute of 2022: a CT scan shows no further metastases. Donny no longer needed further treatment.

Donnie recently added Sunday race Candid about the diagnosis:

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