Microsoft will stop using Basic Authentication for Outlook users on September 16 – Computer – News

The “old/insecure” form is “Username and Password”. This is a flat authentication method, where the username and password are sent to the server. (At worst, every time you check your email). Depending on your settings, this may be sent encrypted. Therefore your username and password are always stored somewhere on your computer. Maybe encrypted. But […]

ASUS releases patches for critical router vulnerabilities – Computer – News

ASUS has patched three critical vulnerabilities in its routers. One vulnerability allowed attackers to bypass authentication on remote routers. Some older models will not receive patches for a particular vulnerability. Asus He writes on his website It has released security updates for vulnerabilities CVE-2024-3079 and CVE-2024-3080. Updates are available for the following WiFi routers: ZenWifi […]

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