Rosenthal: Mariners J.P. Crawford keeps playoff hopes alive with exit – ‘Our most valuable player’

SEATTLE – Shortly after last season ended, Mariners shortstop J.B. Crawford went to dinner with his agent, Nick Chanock, and the team’s top baseball executives, Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander. During dessert, Dipoto and Hollander brought up the idea of ​​Crawford going to Driveline Baseball during the offseason. Crawford took one bite of the dessert […]

Calls grow for a parliamentary inquiry into abuse in the Belgian Catholic Church after the shocking documentary

Belgian Cardinal Godfried Daniels.Reuters photo Most of the facts were already known, but the raw and frank testimonies of mutilated genitalia and priests pounding children’s bodies with full force hit viewers hard. It remains unclear what issue the parliamentary investigation committee should look into. For example, there is still a judicial investigation into the abuse […]

“Farmers wrongly register thousands of hectares of government land”

Flickr/Spike StitchGrazing cows (to clarify) Noos News•Today at 7:53 pm Farmers wrongly registered thousands of hectares of government land as private agricultural land. As a result, they may have wrongly received agricultural subsidies, according to research by the investigative journalism platform Investico. It was already known that this happened, but the extent to which it […]

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