Author: Vita Walton

Willie Mays signed jersey worn by former Giants shortstop Andrew McCutchen – NBC Sports Bay Area and California

Former Giants shortstop Andrew McCutcheon remains a class act. On Friday before the Pittsburgh Pirates’ game with the Tampa Bay Rays, McCutchen entered PNC Park wearing a Giants Willie Mays jersey signed by the late “Say Hey Kid” himself. See more Andrew McCutcheon wearing a signed Willie Mays jersey ❤️ (via @MLB) – Talkin’ […]

Scenes from the Celtics celebration

What does a loose and happy Brad look like? “Just more smiles, some jokes that he doesn’t normally tell, which is great,” Ainge said.  Stevens stayed out of the limelight throughout the season. His predecessor, Danny Ainge, was sitting in one of the stadium seats and barking at the officials. Stevens watches from a […]

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