This baker at Heel Holland Bakt frowns and sees the whipped cream disappear | cooking and eating

This baker at Heel Holland Bakt frowns and sees the whipped cream disappear |  cooking and eating

cooking and eatingThe bakers are ready, start baking. Those words sounded again in the bread tent, because the ninth season of Heel Holland Bakt kicked off tonight.

How strange Saturday is! Andre van Doyen could hardly handle it. The popular baking show has always been broadcast on Sundays. But this season, fans should keep Saturday night free. He gets used to everything, including the tent, said the presenter. Both Holland Bucket, Referring to the phrase “get used to everything but the man”. He was a little confused about that. Fortunately, Episode 1 had a theme. “Bake, because you ‘looked’ first on Sunday.”

Van Duyen immediately began telling his jokes, but the candidates had problems with the start-up. To set the signature, the bakers had to process the cake from the thread to the whipped cream cake. Of course it’s not a dime-a-dozen kind, it’s a competition. The ten candidates were told it had to be their own version. Of course, one of the ingredients could not be missing from the whipped cream cake (exactly, the whipped cream), but the hairdresser Inge immediately whipped up the cream, which was not good. “crazy.” Lynn was short. She mentioned it was stolen. Zainab had no problem. Her whipped cream was top notch. The lactose-free Enzo variant has also been approved by Robèrt van Beckhoven and Janny van der Heijden.

Ten shades of pink cookies

Pink buns, another classic. She was the typical high school cake in the Technical Mission program. Difficult for Greek Yannis, whom she never knew and never ate. “I don’t know what to do,” he said with a laugh. Mary had the same problem with her Scottish background. Not that it went smoothly with others. Dipping, but dripping. “Ten shades of pink,” van der Heyden concluded upon seeing dozens of cakes. The jury found few perfect specimens, but Mary and Zeynep were praised.

Zainab baked a beautiful and cheerful wedding dress from Madeleine. © Broadcast Max

The second day gave new opportunities. A difficult task because the scene had to consist of at least forty Madeleines. How should it look? With a belly of course. “Just like me,” van Beekhoven said. This refined French cake requires a great deal of technical skill. Especially if you also start experimenting with shapes, as Julian did. Use the ships of St. James.

It is difficult to create a structure without additional hassles. The bakers were savage in their looks: the jury ruled a peacock, a teapot, and a wedding dress. And also an “abstract” tower, like Tom made it. Van Beethoven thought that one with “the best donuts”. The jury thought Lynn was too dry. The indignant 26-year-old said they were still good that afternoon. “Taste it for yourself,” said Van Beekhoven, Lin did so, sulking slightly.

Zainab baked 140 madeleines and was obviously a favorite in the third and final round. Van der Heyden could not admit his mistake. “We’ve never had such a high standard before,” she said of the group. “At the top of the group it was crowded.” Student Zainab became a master baker, and Siham left the study.

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