Patient files of Rainier van Arkel also captured in a hack

Foto: ANP

Data from the files of 184 clients of mental health organizations Reinier van Arkel and Ypse in Den Bosch was captured in the major health care filings hack earlier this week. The health care institution confirms this on its website. All concerned clients have been informed by the institution. It is not known exactly what type of data is involved.

The data theft occurred at Carenzorgt, the client portal. About 9,000 healthcare institutions in the Netherlands use this to share digital medical records and personal data. Nedap, the developer of this software, reported the hack and has now shut down the information leak, says Rainer van Arkel.

“Since the privacy of customer data is at risk, which we deeply regret, we consider it extremely important to inform the relevant customers of this as soon as possible,” Reiner van Arkel said on his website. All customers whose data had already been leaked received an email about this a few days ago. People who have not received an email can assume that their personal data has not been leaked.

Nationwide, thousands of organizations use Carenzorgt. Earlier this week, it was announced that documents containing personal data had been stolen from the Het Laar healthcare institution in Tilburg. It is not known how many customers have been infected. In total, approximately 250,000 customers use Carenzorgt.

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