“Did Robinson Makers Cut Right-Wing Candidates?” | show

"Did Robinson Makers Cut Right-Wing Candidates?"  |  show

Who wins any test, is he the hungriest, or does he have the loudest plans to vote against the others? In his Expedition Jansen column, reporter Dennis Jansen takes a weekly look back at Expedition Robinson on three themes: hunger, heroism, and heartache.

There was fruit. Banana, lemon, apple, kiwi, and what not? The candidates seemed not hungry. They had to save the pieces of fruit to get a place in the final. An appetite for food opened the way for hunger to fight the final battle. to victory. There’s a good chance that Brett Lasher will take it. She was the first to qualify for the final after a memory test. It wasn’t surprising: if you’ve always been honest, you don’t have to remember anything. If you lie all together, you have to remember everything. And in it shines a ruthless Brit with distance. Just ask Jean, Rene, Jasmine and Sandra. How do they sit in front of the TV? Three weeks ago I wrote that the actress deserved a golden calf for her performance in Robinson. I meant: the golden calf, the golden bear, the golden lion, and the golden palm. To stick with hunger and food, Britt hired the show as the best seasoning ever. She forgives her children’s language (‘Podverdrie’) and toddler dances.

Mark Reijntjens

© Mark Reijntjens

That Robert Rodenburg….what time. He hasn’t yet won a single individual test, but the moment he really had to be there, he was there. After nerve stress testing using building blocks. I thought they were still calm when those towers collapsed again. and again. and again. I had long ago damn bonds after me. Or did the makers cut these screams? And did you see correctly that the reaction of the hater was muffled? Whatever the case, great performance by Robert. The moment the successful influencer grabbed that last block, he started cheering and hugged by athlete Jay Jay, that was goosebumps.

Certainly, it is in the text. Understood. You have to get excited. Attract the viewer to the game, the competition, the game “to death”. But how did it happen when presenters Nicolette and Cage shouted very loudly to the candidates before the auditions began: “Are you ready?” And that these candidates, most of whom are grown-ups anyway, shouted “yes” very loudly. We are not three are we? This may be a little lower next year. I was also ready for my first drop out tonight. It was not difficult for me: two semi-final matches, and then two withdrew. not like that. There are winners and losers in the game. I had to go back to the time when Robinson’s expedition began. Candidates have been given the opportunity to re-residency. Nobody came home and the first weeks of it were out. Now it is also ripple to the end. But let me not end with this sadness. Again in the semi-finals and then the final fight. am i ready Yes!

Robert Rodenborg, Brett Lacher and Yuki Kempes on the boat in Croatia

Robert Rodenborg, Brett Lacher and Yuki Kempes on the boat in Croatia © RTL 4

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