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    By the time Week 14 ends Monday night, every team is in NFL He would have played exactly 13 matches. The home extension has officially arrived as we prepare for the final four weeks of this extended regular season, and almost nothing is set when it comes to the cut-off picture.

    Incredibly, 26 of the league’s 32 teams are either on the playing field or in two games of the playing area, so the next four weeks should be pretty hot.

    With that in mind, here’s a summary of the playoff situation at both conferences after the 14th Sunday of the 2021 campaign.

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    Asian Football Confederation

    1 – New England Patriots (9-4)
    2. Tennessee Titans (9-4)
    3 – Kansas City Chiefs (9-4)
    4 – Baltimore Ravens (8-5)
    5. Los Angeles Chargers (8-5)
    6 – Indianapolis Colts (7-6)

    7- Buffalo Bills (7-6)
    8. Cleveland Browns (7-6)
    9 – Cincinnati Bengals (7-6)
    10 – Denver Broncos (7-6)
    11 – Pittsburgh Steelers (6-6-1)
    12- Las Vegas Raiders (6-7)
    13. Miami Dolphins (6-7)


    1. Arizona Cardinals (10-2)
    2 – Green Bay Packers (10-3)
    3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-3)
    4 – Dallas Cowboys (9-4)
    5. Los Angeles Rams (8-4)
    6. San Francisco 49ers (7-6)
    7. Washington FC (6-7)
    8. Minnesota Vikings (6-7)
    9 – Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)
    10. Atlanta Falcons (6-7)
    11. New Orleans Saints (6-7)
    12. Carolina Panthers (5-8)
    13 – Seattle Seahawks (5 – 8)

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    The Buccaneers peaked at just the right time during their 2020 Super Bowl-winning campaign, and that appears to be the case once again for the veteran team that won four games in a row to dominate the NFC South.

    Meanwhile, the AFC champions fairly quietly won six straight matches to stay at the top of West Asia. And while neither team has made it to the top spot in either conference, it’s becoming clear that there’s a good chance we’ll have our first repeat Super Bowl since 1993.

    Tom BradyThe Squad of the Week entered #1 in DVOA (Adjusted Value Defense Average) in football strangers Before taking out the Bills who ranked third on this scale. The Chiefs still rank outside the top in this regard, but they have an edge in terms of pedigree over both the Patriots and Titans since they went to the Super Bowl the past two years.

    Kansas City smashed the competitive Raiders 48-9 on Sunday. It was promising that the previously poorly performing offense had woken up and encouraged that the defense kept rolling. This unit has conceded fewer than 10 points in three consecutive games and has ceded only 10.8 points per game over the team’s current six-game winning streak.

    Obviously, the Patriots, Cardinals and Packers can’t be ruled out, and anyone could show up, but a Super Bowl LV performance looks like a real strong possibility at the moment.

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    Meanwhile, it looks like one of the league’s most popular teams entering 2021 is on the verge of collapse. With this loss to Tampa Bay, the Bills are now only 3-5 in their last eight games.

    The good news is that three of his last four games have played at home against teams with losing records, but the bad news is that the others are coming in New England. Buffalo has also formed somewhat of a habit of slipping against lower-level opponents this season, so a 2-2 or 1-3 finish wouldn’t be too shocking.

    It could result in Josh Allen’s team losing the playoffs altogether, which would already be shocking considering how strong Buffalo looked to be entering the year.

    What’s astonishing is that they still have the second-best overall points difference (plus -134) in the NFL, mainly because all of their wins have been scored by more than 15 points. Allen was inconsistent, running game disappeared a lot and the defense sometimes lacked strength despite being strong overall.

    Oh, and now Allen in walking shoes.

    Perhaps Buffalo collects it and sneaks up to the playoffs, the East Asian crown is still close at hand. But at this point, it’s hard to imagine this team going to put together four strong showings in a row in January and February.

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    It’s an absolute mess.

    There is a five-way tie for two of the three AFC wild card sites and three other teams in a match from this audience. There is also a five-way tie for last place in the NFC wild card, with two other teams in one game from that audience.

    And it’s not like chargers and 49ers are very far from those two groups. Both are currently occupying wild locations while you play one game on the above packages.

    What games could make up those races between now and Week 18? Follow closely Washington-Philadelphia and Cincinnati-Denver in week 15, Baltimore-Cincinnati in week 16, Philadelphia-Washington (again) and Cleveland-Pittsburgh in week 17, Pittsburgh-Baltimore, Cincinnati-Cleveland and San Francisco-Los Angeles on the last Sunday of the season.

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    Then there are the Seahawks, who left many to die after a 3-8 start but kept hope alive with winning streaks to move just one game back from that loaded pack chasing a spot or two of wild NFC cards.

    They haven’t been right for most of this season, but Russell Wilson Pete and Carroll have a winning pedigree that few others have in that fight. They’ve got their groove back in after their wins over the San Francisco and the Houston Texans, and their 15th Week win over the Rams who haven’t rested for a while will likely put them on the run.

    They follow it up with the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions at home, so it’s easy to imagine them getting into a Week 18 match with the Cardinals while riding a five-game winning streak.

    Bad news? They’re still only 2-6 in the conference games, lacking a tiebreaker with Washington, New Orleans and Minnesota. However, 8-9 can do the job considering the state of NFC is out of the top tier at the moment.

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    Speaking of that top level in the NFC, the Cardinals still top this group but must beat class contender the Rams on Monday night to stay in a free game from Green Bay and Tampa Bay.

    They beat Los Angeles earlier this season and are Monday night favorites, but now we’ll see how the team with the league’s best record to date deals with intense pressure with the only top-seeded possession on the line in prime time.

    The cards have kind of flew under the radar, but that will likely change if they take care of the rams.

    Meanwhile, Monday night is the Rams’ last sobering shot in the running for the NFC West title. It’s a crucial opportunity to create a distance between themselves and that huge group fighting for a position in a wild card. They finished the season with four challenging games (Seattle, in Minnesota, in Baltimore, San Francisco), so a fourth loss in a five-game period could crush the entire L.A. team.

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