Here’s the “primary goal” for the offensive coordinator

Here's the "primary goal" for the offensive coordinator

It looks more and more like Bill O’Brien will be the Patriots’ next offensive coordinator.

O’Brien began floating as Matt Patricia potential successor Even before the New England season ends. Although some reports have cast some doubt On the possibility of O’Brien leaving Alabama to join the Patriots, he has remained odds on favourites To lead the Patriots offense in 2023.

On Monday afternoon, NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran’s Maybe the Final report After associating O’Brien with the Patriots. He also broke down some potential roadblocks and indicated that Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are on the same page.

This is an excerpt:

The primary target is former Patriots OC, former Penn State and Texans head coach, former Alabama OC Bill O’Brien. There is a consensus on all sides that the O? Brien is the best person for the job and – while there are other worthy candidates – familiarity with ownership and Mac Jones’ willingness with O’Brien and O’Brien to return means he’ll be upset if he doesn’t get the job.

One of the tender aspects of O’Brien’s return is what happens with Judge and Patricia. Are they still part of the offensive coaching staff? How will they deal with O’Brien if they are not given new roles? O’Brien trained alongside Patricia in his time here. He certainly has some relationship with the judge. Undoubtedly, there is some friendship involved, so it must be dealt with diplomatically so that there are no hard feelings.

Don’t be surprised if things really start to heat up on O’Brien’s Patriots front in the coming days.

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