Zhang Shuai: The tennis player retires in tears after an opponent erases the contested mark on the court

Chine Nouvelle/SIPA/Shutterstock

Zhang looked visibly sad during the encounter.


Chinese tennis player Zhang Shuai retired from the match in tears after a tense incident with Amarisa Toth at the Hungarian Grand Prix, in which Toth used her foot to erase a disputed ball mark from the court.

In the opening set on Tuesday, Zhang hit a cross court forehand that appeared to land on the line, with the line referee and later the referee ruling the ball out.

Although the game continued for another point, the contested call remained a sore point, and Zhang continued to question the decision.

As Zhang, the 28th seed, called for a reconsideration of the decision, Toth walked to the mark on the court and rubbed it away with her foot, video presentations.


Zhang was infuriated by the call during Tuesday’s game in Budapest, Hungary.

Chang can be heard questioning Toth about her actions, asking “What are you doing?” While the Hungarian player moves away.

The video shows a tense Zhang asking, “Why did you do that?” As Toth replies, “You’re making trouble.”

A tearful Zhang chose to withdraw from the match, as she was trailing 6-5 in the opening set. Zhang later posted a video of the incident on her social media, Thanks to those who supported her.

CNN has reached out to Toth via WTA for comment.

A number of tennis players denounced Toth’s actions, and Australian Ajla Tomljanović criticized Toth’s actions as “disgusting behaviour”.

“Shwai is a better person than many of us to shake the referee’s hand and that girl’s hand,” Tomljanović wrote. Twitter.

Two-time Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka chirp that Toth’s actions were “another level of unsportsmanlike behaviour…just fantastic”.

Meanwhile, Australian Ellen Perez Out-of-service “Level of disrespect” and adding, “Well, that’s a quick way to lose the respect of your colleagues.”

CNN has reached out to the WTA and ITF for comment.

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