OnePlus Nord 3 is now getting its first update

OnePlus Nord 3 is now getting its first update

OnePlus released the first update for Nord 3. This gives midranger the latest Android security patch and other improvements.

Read on after the announcement.

Download the first update for OnePlus Nord 3

Did you recently purchase the OnePlus Nord 3? Then you can now download the first important device update. The new version is 469 MB in size and contains, among other things, the Android security patch from July 2023. This means that Nord 3 is completely up to date again.

In the Change OnePlus also reported improvements to the camera. However, we don’t know in which area the cameras should now perform better. Moreover, improvements have been made that ensure the Nord 3’s battery lasts longer. This is of course always a bonus.

You will be automatically notified when an update for Nord 3 is available. It is also possible to manually check for new versions. You can do this by opening Settings, going to “About Device” and pressing the blue button with “OxygenOS” on top. You will then immediately see that the latest update has appeared.

OnePlus’ Nord 3 runs Android 13 out of the box and can count on extended software support. The manufacturer promises to provide the phone with security updates for four years. Three new versions of Android will also appear for the device in the future: Android 14 to Android 16.

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More about Nord 3

Nord 3 is the successor to the popular Nord 2 and Nord 2T. The smartphone is 50 euros more expensive than its predecessors, but also significantly improved. For example, the device has a nicer and bigger screen, faster hardware, longer battery life and better cameras. The design has also been updated.

In our comprehensive OnePlus Nord 3 review, you can read all about the new midranger. You can check out the conclusion below. Would you rather watch? We have also reviewed the video.

The OnePlus Nord 3 is a good, full-fledged mid-range software that you don’t pay a flagship price for. It’s nice and fast, looks stylish and has a long battery life. So we enjoyed using the smartphone.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides. The larger screen makes the phone somewhat bulky and the cameras are good for a phone in this price range, but not exceptionally good. It is also a pity that the back is very reflective and very sensitive to fingerprints.

Moreover, the improved update policy is a huge advantage. However, the software itself is fundamentally disappointing. Due to the heavier chassis, the Nord 3 doesn’t really feel like a OnePlus phone, and that takes away from the charm of the previous Nords a bit.

OnePlus Nord 3 review: Meet the great midranger

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