“Swedish police make quick decision on prosecution of Jost Klein”

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The investigation into the incident that occurred with Jost Klein on Thursday at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden is being accelerated. This is what the police in Malmo told the Swedish media. Police expect the trial to begin. A decision on this matter is expected in early June. Such a decision usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

According to the Swedish police, this hasty action is due to the presence of “strong evidence” against Klein, who was excluded from participating in the final due to the incident. Police did not say what type of evidence this was.

Threatening movement

AVROTROS released a statement this weekend about the incident that occurred before the Eurovision Song Contest final. The radio said that a female photographer photographed Klein “contrary to clear agreements” immediately after he came off the stage in the semi-finals.

Klein said he didn’t want to be photographed. After the photographer continued filming, he made a threatening gesture towards her. According to the broadcaster, Jost Klein did not touch the photographer.

Despite consultation with the EBU, it was decided to exclude Klein. AVROTROS described the measure as disproportionate.

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