Who is the mole a frustrated loser: I felt it coming

Who is the mole a frustrated loser: I felt it coming

The two relive the special moments from the two episodes in which Glenn appeared. After looking back at the elimination, the singer is visibly disappointed. “I totally feel your feelings,” Splinter says. Glenn replies: “I can see in myself so much that I feel it is coming. Sometimes you feel something coming and then you give in to it in advance, because you know it’s going to happen, but I notice I think it’s a shame.”

Glenn was very much looking forward to his continued involvement. “I don’t know which matches are next week, I think it’s really cool. (…) It’s different to try it than to hear about it.”

However, the adventure did not end immediately after his elimination. Candidates first go to the “departure hotel” before returning to the Netherlands. “I’m glad I was there, or else you’d be on board right away. You have all kinds of things in your head and what I needed was peace and meditation, so it really helped me,” explains Glenn.

Watch the full episode of not a mall less.

If we’re to believe the trailer below, it promises to be a top-tier season.

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