Rumor: Nvidia announces January 11th 12GB variant of the GeForce RTX 3080 – Computer – News

With 10GB cards, we’re not talking about the 3070 but the 3080. I’ve gotten 1 since launch and so far haven’t seen any game on my 3080 that uses more than 10GB of Vram, not even on 4K/ultra with RT etc. I’ve played all kinds of things. Enhanced Metro Exodus, CP2077, COD Cold War, Doom Eternal (also with RT, although not really worth it in that game)

The strange thing is that Halo infinite is the closest (9.88GB) while there is a slight difference in textures in multiplayer because in general 60% of the players in the big team battle have the same model, only with different colors and most of the big team battle levels are pretty bone and relatively simple.

Anyway, in your example, you can run DLSS on the 3070 if you want 4K and 8GB VRAM not enough. Then it will display less internally, and the VRAM usage will also be slightly less than native 4K. DLSS has of course been an integrated strategy for Nvidia since the 20xx series and of course this was also factored in the amount of VRAM being glued to the cards.

In addition, the 3070 is primarily positioned as a 1440P card and the 3080 as a 4K card, and that explains the difference in VRAM, and the price of the MRSP (well, unfortunately, buying on MRSP in NL isn’t a problem, although I hear players from America ask to get these from for MRSP – at the end)

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