Corona in Twente: nearly 1,500 new infections | Corona Virus

Corona in Twente: nearly 1,500 new infections |  Corona Virus

Enschede – In Twente, 1,462 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 24 hours. There have been no new deaths from the virus. This is evidenced by figures released by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) on Sunday afternoon. The average for the past seven days at Twente is 979.6 positive tests per day (last week 485.9).

In that period, 6,857 injuries were recorded, an increase of 3,456 from last Sunday when the number was still at 3,401. On Saturday, 1,228 new infections were recorded. Most of the reports this Sunday come from the municipalities of Enschede (291), Hengelo (179) and Almelo (156).

The number of injuries is still relatively in Tubbergen

Within the region, Tubbergen is the municipality with the highest infection factor (506.7) with 108 cases, converted to 100,000 inhabitants. For the entire Twente region, that number is 231.4 on Sunday.

This places the region seventh on the daily list of the 25 Dutch security regions. The following applies to this arrangement: the lower the position, the better.

back corner

133 new infections were reported in the eastern part of Achterhoek: 63 in Berkelland, 42 in East Gelre, 16 in Winterswijk and 12 in Aalten. No corona-related deaths have been recorded in this part of Achterhoek either.


The institute reported 32,581 new infections nationwide in the past 24 hours, up 4,578 from Saturday. Then 28,003 positive tests were reported.

hospital numbers

The number of corona patients in hospitals has decreased. So far, 1,479 people with corona have been admitted, 11 fewer than on Saturday. Most of them are in the nursing department.

In intensive care, 406 patients (including 9 in Germany) are being treated for corona, 8 fewer than on Saturday. Those numbers were released Sunday afternoon by the LCPS (National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution).

New Corona injuries for each municipality, 09-01-2022

– Chant (291)
– Hengelo (179)
– Almelo (156)
– Tobergen (108)
– Dinkiland (98)
– Twente Court (97)
– Twintrand (92)
– Hacksbergen (84)
Oldenzaal (79)
– Riesen Holten (66)
– Bourne (62)
– loose (53)
– Verden (51)
– Hellingthorne (37)
– unknown municipality (9)

back corner

– Birkeland (63)
– East Guilders (42)
– Winterswijk (16)
– Alten (12)

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