Duncan Laurence special milestone: 1 billion Spotify streams

Duncan Laurence special milestone: 1 billion Spotify streams
Duncan Lawrence at the Liberation Festival in Brabant

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Duncan Lawrence has his number corridor Get a special achievement on Spotify. The winning Eurovision song of 2019 has been streamed 1 billion times on Spotify.

With this number, he officially joins the so-called Billionaires Club from the broadcast service. Lawrence is the third Dutch artist to succeed. DJ Teusto (with aria the job) and Martin Garrix (Afraid of being alonewith Dua Lipa) preceded it.

“I really had to push myself to see if I haven’t been dreaming in recent years. But it’s really true,” Lawrence wrote on Instagram. “I’m grateful that this song, which I wrote straight from my heart, has secured me a spot in the billionaires club.”

A second life

It’s the first time a Eurovision song has surpassed Spotify’s one billion streams cap. Initially, the song was a European hit in 2019, but in 2021 the arcade game got a second life thanks to the TikTok app.

There, users can edit videos with a song underneath, and many users did that with Laurence’s song. As a result, it became corridor A big hit not only in Europe but also in North and South America and Asia.

Watch Duncan Laurence perform live at the Eurovision Song Contest below:

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