GTST Viewers Excited for New Cast Picture: Marwan Returns, Nina Departure?

GTST Viewers Excited for New Cast Picture: Marwan Returns, Nina Departure?

Who survives and who does not survive cliff piling? It’s all about the stress of the first week of the new season GTST. From Monday 28 August, viewers on RTL 4 can see how the Meerdijkers perform after the horrific accident. Videoland viewers can already watch the first four episodes on the streaming service. But for both viewers who still have to wait and fans who already have a head start, the cast’s new photo raises big question marks.

First: The return of Hassan Salabi as Marwan. On May 2, you can see how he and Stanley (Kenneth Herdigen) leave Merdijk. But since his son Tom, whom he has with Demi (Noa Xuan), stays behind, a return seems out of the question. in the RTL series summer van And closes Hassan who can be seen in the new season of Robinson Expedition, and has recently returned (see video below). Indeed, Marwan appears in the new cast of Season 51. Behind Shanti (Pertree Wiringa), who seems to have something strange going on with him…

Posted on Instagram GTST The exact image shared by RTL Boulevard this morning, but with remarkable effect. After a few seconds, Shanti, among others, also noticeably distant from Rick (Ferry Somogyi), disappears from the picture. Just like Jonathan (Teges Bormans, who gets a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot in the TikTok video below), Nola (Noa Jacobs) and Nina (Marley van der Velden).

The viewers are in an uproar. Is this a big, fat spoiler announcing the departure of Bertree, Tess, Noah, and Marley? It’s like, “If this means Shanti and Nina disappearing from the show, I don’t like it.” Other pens: Why do people disappear? Oops, that’s not fun…’ It is also thought that this may refer to possible fatalities from the collision.

Then there are also two new faces to see. Or, well, viewers will get to know them during the hot summertime: Actress Jasmine Sender will be entering de Kooning in May. And Mats (Rowan Veltman), the mysterious boy who asks Shanti to dye his hair blue and then runs off without paying, is now also a regular character in the Netherlands’ longest-running soap opera.

A major absentee from the picture is actress Camilla Maurer, who returns to the summertime thriller as Monica De Klein. Won’t you play a role in Manu’s life after all?

GTST It can be seen on RTL 4 from Monday 28th August. For those who still have to wait until then, they can enjoy these first photos:

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