“It is important to inspire each other”

"It is important to inspire each other"
Malgosia Fiebig plays the caryon in the Dom Tower

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The World Motorists Congress has started in Utrecht. 130 instrumentalists from all over the world come together for a week of conversation, both verbally and musically. The event aims to learn from each other’s experiences and inspiration.

“Usually you hear the bells in cities, but in the US you often have a tower on campus. And that’s a completely different environment,” says Malgosia Vibeg, leader of the Dummeturen band and co-organizer of the event. RTV Utrecht. “Do you have to play differently on a campus like this than in the city? I’m curious about that.”

But Dutch cities can also exchange ideas with each other. “The Rotterdam trolley driver has written a book of songs for children of all nationalities who live in the city. This is a very interesting project, and we in Utrecht can draw inspiration from it,” explains Viebig in NOS Radio News 1.

It is important that we inspire each other. You think: Wow, that’s something I also want to do in my horoscope.

Malgosia Viebig, Commander of the Dom Tower in Utrecht

The World Motorists Congress is held every three years, this time in Utrecht. Thread is change of viewsViews change.

“It’s important that we inspire each other as car pioneers,” Fiebig says. “You’d think, ‘Wow, that’s something I also want to do in my tower.'”

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