Apple Final Cut Pro app for iPad lets users shoot with four iPhones at once – Photo and Audio – News

This doesn’t need an iPad Pro to run. The iPad Air (2022) with M1 is already available at PW for €629 and the new model is available for €719, which is cheaper than a €1,000 laptop…

Plus, almost every iPhone/iPad from the last seven years can work with it. A family of four, each with an (old) iPhone and a “home” iPad, can get along with this just fine. Or you can do this with a number of friends…

It’s only about things people already own or are going to buy anyway. Then you are able to run everything for peanuts of €5 per month.

A DSLR is fun, which is my preference too, but it’s for professional work or serious hobbyists. My mother had a separate camera for photos, but for many years an iPhone was enough for her to take photos and video. And even though I have DLSR cameras at home, I’m more likely to use my iPhone if I want to take a photo or video of something. Only when I undertake a serious project will heavier artillery be brought from the attic. For the majority of people, the DLSR has been completely replaced.

I wonder if the iPhone 15 Pro (€1044 at PW) actually has 5 times better DLSR film. Lenses. Maybe you can give an example? In addition, the target group has the skills necessary to obtain this quality of DLSR for film.

This is a comparison between the iPhone 15 Pro Max (€1273+) and the Lumix S5iiX (€2099 without lenses) for film:
YouTube: iPhone 15 Pro Max vs DSLR: What no one told you!
Sure, DLSR performs better in some cases, but the iPhone performs much better in others. Everything has its pros and cons. And this isn’t even a device in the same price range as the iPhone, let alone one 5 times better…

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