Ukraine announces another large-scale Russian attack on the energy sector

Ukraine announces another large-scale Russian attack on the energy sector
Russian attack on the Ukrainian energy sector in March 2024

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Russia carried out another large-scale attack on Ukraine’s energy sector last night. Which He writes President Zelensky on Telegram platform. He said Russia launched more than 50 missiles and 20 drones, damaging energy facilities across Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Energy Minister, power networks were targeted in six different regions of the country. Except for Zaporizhia, all regions are far from the front, such as Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. As far as we know, there were no casualties in last night’s attacks. Moscow has not yet responded.

A drone attack caused a fire at a power station in the Poltava region, west of Kharkiv. Ukraine’s largest electricity company also reported severe equipment damage at three power plants. Little is known about other direct impacts of the attacks. Previous attacks left many Ukrainians without electricity.

The missiles fired at Kyiv were destroyed. Eyewitness report to the news agency Reuters They heard explosions in the capital, and it seemed as if air defense systems were hitting air objects.

In recent months, Russia has regularly carried out air strikes on the Ukrainian energy sector. Moscow denies attacking civilians but says Ukraine’s energy system is a legitimate military target.

Liberation day

The attack comes on the day Ukraine commemorates the end of World War II. Ukraine previously celebrated this on May 9, just like Russia, but Zelensky last year moved the celebration up one day to show solidarity with the rest of Europe. Many European countries celebrate liberation on May 8.

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