The Pokémon Company released its first DLC for Crimson and Violet on September 13th – Games – News

illogical? Why wouldn’t a game like this run at a steady 30fps, or even 60fps? Just carelessness/ignorance.

At the time I talked about, I was getting 50/60fps with most games, at least top-down adventure games, or side-scrolling platformers. It’s not even that hard to get that smooth on the 386. Just like many games on nes and snes kept your tv’s refresh rate and ran smoothly. In any case, the comparison with “vroeagah” is meaningless.

If you’re talking about 3D games, sure, that’s a different type of game, one that’s quite demanding on hardware, but the type of game that Pokemon is doesn’t justify why it doesn’t run smoothly. If necessary, go back to the 2D sprites if they can’t do that, so the 3D world is not a plus.

Enjoy games that look nicer than pokemon, have more screen than pokemon, and run smoother than pokemon. nonsense argument. I don’t think the criticism is warranted anymore, and I certainly won’t be dwelling on these games until I hear better news. I will not reward a developer for unsolicited receipt. There are plenty of other games I still want to play that don’t frustrate me with glitches every second.

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