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Valve comes with new Portal content in response to the Steam Deck release. Aperture Desk Job is an interactive tutorial that explains how the Steam Deck works. It takes place in the Portal universe and the “game” was developed by Valve.

On the steam page For Aperture Desk Job, the same playful tone as in previous Portal games can also be seen in this title. I put my trust in hand hole lab This is a product of Valve itself, which could also mean that Portal authors Jay Pinkerton and Eric Wolpaw wrote the lyrics for this title. Valve confirms that this is not Portal 3.

Aperture Desk Job should offer players the various features that Steam Deck has to offer. However, the title will also be available for Windows and can be tried using a console. This will also apply to SteamOS 3 in the future; Valve will release it at the same time as Steam Deck. So it should already be available, but download page SteamOS version 2 is still served.

Portal and Portal 2 are first-person puzzle games set in the same universe as Half-Life. The company behind the testing facilities at Portal, Aperture Science, is a competitor to Black Mesa. References to Aperture Science It can be found at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Aperture Director Cave Johnson Talking about Black Mesa In Portal 2. For example, more about how the two game series fit together can be found at timetable From the Half-Life wiki.

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