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Google has expanded the maps with a filter that makes it easier for users to search for fast chargers for electric vehicles. In the Netherlands, the Maps app also allows users to choose their own EV connections and filter accordingly.

For a number of years now, anyone searching for “charging stations” in Google Maps has been shown on a map where EV chargers are located. top photo Show also now Additional filters, which allow users to indicate that they only want to see fast chargers. Google sees a fast charger as one that delivers 50 kW or more, but users can also make this 150 kW.

The company also says it will expand the filter that allows users to indicate the charging port of their electric vehicle to more countries. This function now also works in the Netherlands. This feature allows users to select the charging port in their car, such as Chademo or CCS, which helps them search for suitable chargers for their car.

on me Reddit points to some people That this feature was already available on their phones or in cars running Android Automotive OS. This is supposed to be a phased rollout, so users have had this feature before. Google does this often with new features. Both features now work on Android and iOS.

Google also announced that a feature that lets users see if a building is wheelchair-friendly is available worldwide. The company introduced this feature in 2020, but then it only worked in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Finally, Google says AR feature Live View in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo with search functionality.

Google is adding EV charger search filters to Maps

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