Nils and Rosanna from Temptation put an end to the relationship

Nils and Rosanna from Temptation put an end to the relationship

This isn’t the first time the couple has distanced themselves from each other. Last summer, the two also separated after a violent argument, photos of which later surfaced. Rosanna eventually admitted that she was the culprit in the story, after which she and Nils visited each other again.

However, there seems to be no turning back this time. A picture of her in the mirror will appear on Rosanna’s Instagram Story on Saturday with the disturbing message: “I want to tell you this way that Nils and I have finally ended our relationship. I stand behind my choice.

Despite emphasizing in her post that she does not wish to receive messages about her breakup, she feels compelled to publish another story about the event. In it she tells, among other things, that it was over between her and Nils for a while. Dear people, do not worry. It’s been two months between me and Niels… I broke up because the flame was gone. There is nothing strange going on. What does he do when he’s out for two months he should find out for himself, it’s not my business

She is also critical of the Juice channels spreading “rumours” about the breakup: “You’ll only have one juice channel…haha pathetic actually.”

Rosanna and Nils were also a good match in terms of work: the couple had a OnlyFans account together where they posted sensational content. Videoland even presented documentaries there OnlyFans . has been revealed About. Rosanna and Nils also featured in this as seen in the video below.

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