Update: Johan Dirksen refuses to return to TV

Update: Johan Derksen weigert terugkeer op televisie

May 3, 2022 Johan Dirksen may have already made a comeback on Dutch television shortly after the much-discussed candle incident. Channel President Talba discusses behind the scenes the possibility of renewing the successful program Today inside To return to the TV.

Last week came to an end VI, which in over twenty years has grown into one of the most talked about programs on Dutch television. Johann Dirksen has come under fire after admitting he penetrated a woman with a candle at an early age. Although he later dispersed, he overcame a large part of Holland.

The 73-year-old analyst came to the conclusion that “there is no longer a place on television” for a person like Johann Dirksen, whose views are at odds with the culture of vigilance in the Netherlands. Talba demanded Dirksen to apologize for his comments, but the former soccer player refused. He picked Whites for his money and chose to leave, having previously lost all of his radio programs.

It is not yet clear in what form Today inside will return. René van der Gijp previously suggested that the live broadcast should not be recorded, so that inappropriate comments could be filtered out.

Update 9:33 PM:
Johann Dirksen speaking to a news agency AP He denied that he is about to return to the table when Today inside† “I have stopped taking it and will leave it at that,” he told the analyst. “There may be conversations, but at least they’re not with me.”

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