Big Size Influencer Margo: ‘I’m tired of always being cared for’ | Stories behind the news

Big Size Influencer Margo: 'I'm tired of always being cared for' |  Stories behind the news

What does your lifestyle look like?

“I would describe my lifestyle as normal. I’ve done a few streak attempts in the past. Before I got pregnant I was 20lbs lighter and more satisfied with myself. My daughter is now a year and a half and has gained a lot of weight again. In March, I lost 13kg Again, but I’m actually a little tired of always having to pay attention. I just want to be able to eat with my daughter now. I gain weight easily, so of course pay attention, I don’t eat french fries and ice cream every day!”

Are you satisfied at the moment?

“No, I’m not 100 percent happy with my weight. Ideally, I’d like to lose another 20 kilos and then go back to where I was when I was more satisfied with the way I looked. I choose to leave my weight as it is now and especially enjoy it.” My daughter. It’s not that I look at myself and feel hate, fortunately it’s not that bad.”

Do you practice sport?

“Once in a while I do strength training in my garden. Before pregnancy I used to exercise about 4 to 5 times a week in the gym and was in really good shape. Now that I’m so busy with work, my social life and of course my daughter, the sport sometimes gets lost. I do all the Something here by bike, so I do my daily exercise.”

Do you have trouble?

“I definitely have a predicament. It really depends on my diet. I’m a really emotional cannibal. When I’ve had a hard day at work or feel sad, I look for comfort in food. I noticed this a lot when my brother passed away last year.”

I also sometimes make the mistake of seeing food as a reward. Sometimes we have something to celebrate at home and then treat ourselves with something delicious. This is still a real problem for me and my friend. We both know we do it, but it’s hard to stop a habit like that.”

What is your golden advice for a healthy life?

“Something I’ve been doing a lot is being too hard on myself. Please don’t do this. It sounds cliched, but balance is very important. Balance serving yourself something delicious on the weekend with just natural and healthy food during the week. Otherwise, you won’t last.” !”

Do you inspire others?

“I hope so! I have a hobby that got out of hand which is Instagram. In my country the account I share fashion tips, especially for curvy ladies. I now have 22,000 followers and I post something almost every day. I regularly hear from followers that they benefit greatly from my posts. Followers report that they dare to wear certain clothes or colors again, that they have regained their confidence because of me and that they now know that you don’t have to hide if you have a size up. I always find it so special to listen to! “

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