Alleged GeForce GTX prototype with ray tracing core appeared on eBay – Computer – News

A Reddit user managed to get a purported engineering sample of an unreleased Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 from eBay. The graphics card is technically the only GeForce series that has a GPU with ray tracing hardware.

It will likely be an engineer’s sample of the GTX 2080, which will later be renamed the RTX 2080. Reddit user Have bought the video card through ebay. Benchmarks from the source show that performance is practically identical to that of the official RTX 2080, although problems have also been reported; The card will stop working temporarily due to a driver incompatibility. It is not clear how it restarted the GPU.

Due to the unknown origin of the GPU, this could of course be a production error or a possible hoax. VideoCardz, on the other hand, does not notice That the serial number on the label refers to the PG180 board, which is identical to that of the RTX 2080. The fans, TU104 molding and firmware are also loaded. to TechPowerUp Everyone points out that it is an early version of the RTX 2080.

Nvidia released a new family of graphics cards under the name GeForce RTX in the fall of 2018. RTX 20 . series, including the 2080, was the brand’s first line of GPUs with dedicated RT cores for ray tracing. As far as is known, this makes the GPU featured on eBay the first and only GeForce family graphics card with ray tracing cores. Nvidia was later made by drivers Ray tracing is possible on GTX cards without the need for specific hardware.

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