Inspection: Flash companies break rules and evade obligations

Inspection: Flash companies break rules and evade obligations

The report pays special attention to this latter type of employment. According to the inspection body, flash services may include false self-employment. This is an employment contract in which the delivery person works as an independent employee, but is in fact not independent.

This form can be financially beneficial to the employer, because, among other things, retirement contributions do not have to be paid. It also creates risks for delivery drivers. For example, they are not entitled to pay in case of illness or after an accident.

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The inspection body also notes that managers in distribution centers are not sufficiently familiar with the laws relating to working conditions, such as working hours and rest times, or sufficiently so. This also applies to identity checks, which must ensure that foreign employees go to work without the correct permits. According to the inspectorate, the latter “leads to risks of violations such as illegal employment and unauthorized work.”

These and other findings in the report lead the Inspectorate to conclude that the terms and conditions of employment in express services are “far from mature”. The inspection body described the findings as “alarming”.

The Labor Inspectorate invited flash companies to a discussion of “required measures” and asked them to develop an action plan to prevent further violations. Otherwise, the inspectorate will implement it from this fall. Because, as the Inspection Panel concludes: “More of these companies can and should be expected.”

‘We stick to the agreements’

Discuss Flash Flink already spoke to the Labor Inspectorate. All went well, says the delivery service. Flash deliveries are working on a collective business agreement, according to a spokesperson. “Of course we stick to the agreements in the collective labor agreement and on top of that we have all kinds of additional initiatives that make it attractive for employees to work at Flink.”

Another flash company, Getir, says it does not recognize itself in the picture depicted in the report and is happy to talk to the inspectorate. “Our employees have a permanent employment contract, including sick leave and vacation days,” a spokesperson said. Employees work on permanent contracts, “including sick leave and vacation.”

The company also says that the safety of deliverers is a “top priority”. “Deliveries are provided with e-bikes, e-scooters, helmets and protective gear of the highest quality. In addition, all deliverers receive road safety training.”

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