Investors are ready for the US interest rate hike

Investors are ready for the US interest rate hike

Investors on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange are preparing themselves for Wednesday’s Federal Reserve interest rate hike. It is generally expected that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by half a percentage point to combat the rapidly rising inflation in the United States. The interest rate decision will be announced after the European markets close.

The central bank raised interest rates by 0.25 percent in March. This is the first rate hike after 2018. The US Federal Reserve generally chooses to shift interest rates by 25 basis points, but has already indicated in recent weeks that it will not hesitate to take major interest rate measures as inflation rises. The United States is up 8.5 percent. The last time interest rates were raised was in 2000 at 0.5 percent. Investors are particularly interested in whether interest rates will rise more sharply in the future.

The AEX Index on Beursplein 5 will start almost smoothly on the important Fed day. Other European stock markets are also expected to open with small price moves. In Hong Kong, the Hong Kong index fell more than 1 percent due to heavy losses by Chinese technology companies. Stock markets closed in Japan and China.

In Tamrok, the focus is on the Universal Music Group (UMG). In the first quarter, the record label mainly benefited from the popularity of Japanese artists such as the band King & Prince, singer Fuji Case and singer Ado. Singer The Weekend was also one of UMG’s best sellers last quarter, boosting sales and profits. The company gained nearly one-fifth through subscriptions and streaming music.

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Walters Clover also opened books. The information provider saw sales increase in the first quarter and maintained expectations for the full year. Best Woman Nancy McKinstry talked about a good start to the year, with all four categories showing growth.

Consulting and engineering firm Arcadia increased its revenue and operating profit in the last quarter. Despite the war in Ukraine, rising energy costs, high inflation and corona lockdowns in China, the company is in good shape this year thanks to strong order delivery and an order book of 3 2.3 billion.

The euro was trading at $ 1.0508, up from $ 1.0536 a day earlier. The price of a barrel of US oil rose 1.2 percent to $ 103.67. Brent oil rose 1.1 percent to $ 106.15 a barrel.

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