This is what Elden Ring looks like in Game Boy

This is what Elden Ring looks like in Game Boy

A mod is developing an Elden Ring “demake” for the Game Boy, so Let him know on Reddit† From the first teaser, it can be inferred that the manufacturer has the essential elements of souls Including a focus on dodging attacks and fighting huge monsters. The trailer shows the removal of one of the initial environments, the Church of Expectation.

To retrograde Elden Ring, developer Shintendo uses GB Studio 3.0, a free development program for old games. Projects developed via open source software can be made compatible with the Game Boy, among other things.

at Interview with Polygon Shintendo says the biggest limitation (besides the 8-bit architecture) is the cartridge that has to be cramped in the game. Elden Ring is a massive game even by modern standards. Even the 8-bit style of The Lands Between requires massive storage spaces. After Shintendo completely recreated Limgrave, it decided whether to make the rest of Elden Ring a Game Boy as well, or leave it at that.

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