Unprecedented success for Miley Cyrus: The breakup song was the biggest hit in the world for 1.5 months | Displays

Unprecedented success for Miley Cyrus: The breakup song was the biggest hit in the world for 1.5 months |  Displays

Miley Cyrus, 30, achieved great success with her song flowers. Whatever international chart you’re watching, chances are she’s been No. 1 for weeks. And that while the song was never sung live. Overview.

It can no longer be missed: Miley Cyrus will almost certainly be number one in the Dutch Top 40 for the sixth consecutive week tomorrow. It also held this spot on the list of most played songs on radio and an overview of most airplayed country songs. Whether you watch on Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes, flowers He led the Dutch lists.

This is no different internationally: flowers It was the most streamed song in the world on Spotify for 45 days in a row, reaching 500 million streams in record time (37 days). Moreover, Miley is now #1 in America and England for six consecutive weeks and has also taken the lead in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, among others. The song was released on January 13 and remains #1 on Apple Music in thirty countries.

Settle with your ex

The number of live performances to promote the track is zero. With 198 million followers on Instagram, you don’t need a lot of advertising, but at least flowers arranged itself. The song made it to every entertainment show site because it turned out to be a settlement with Liam Hemsworth (33) from Cyrus’ ex, Australian hunger GamesThe actor she divorced three years ago.

It must have been no coincidence that the breakup song was released on Liam’s birthday, which is also Friday the 13th. Rumor has it that during their divorce he wrote the song when i was your man (2013) by Bruno Mars dedicated to Miley. Mars wrote the song for his girlfriend, Jessica Caban, because he was afraid of losing her. The song contains a famous passage in which Mars, in hindsight, sings what he wishes he’d done to keep the relationship going:

I should have bought you flowers
(I should have bought you flowers)

And hold your hand
(You should hold your hand)

I should have given you all my hours
(I should spend all my hours with you)

When I had the chance
(when I had the chance)

I take you to every party because all I wanted to do was dance
(Take you to every party, ’cause you wanted to dance so badly)

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to hear that Miley works flowers responds to the same tune:

I buy flowers for myself (…)
(I buy flowers for myself)

Talk to myself for hours (…)
(talking to myself for hours)

I can dance myself
(I can dance by myself)

And I can hold my hand
(and hold my hand)

Cyrus cruelly ends the clip, saying, “I can love myself better than you.” They are unequivocally directed at Liam, as earlier in the song she mentions the house she owned with a loved one and that she “saw a burn.” Miley and Liam’s villa caught fire in 2018.

Twerk is free

It doesn’t stop at the words. In the song’s sexy video (good for 262 million views), Miley appears to be repeating the move she made news with in 2019. On the red carpet, Miley and Liam were asked about their usual dance form, with Miley moving her buttocks against Liam’s crotch while twisting. ‘Don’t do it, honey,’ replied Liam, looking blushing. We’re on the red carpet. In the new clip, there’s no stopping a reborn Miley.

Her song is also unstoppable at the moment. Now that it’s slowly losing top spots in the charts here and there, a demo version of the song will be released tomorrow that sounds completely different and will no doubt boost the score.

flowers Also popular as a cover artist with other artists. Here are the most important modifications:

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