Season 2 LOL: Last Laugh On The Road | Displays

Season 2 LOL: Last Laugh On The Road |  Displays

There will be a second season of the comedy series lol: the last laugh. Prime Video announced this on Friday. The series is expected to be shown this year.

Prime Video is the Dutch version of a globally successful concept: ten comedians in a house, who are not allowed to laugh for six hours. The first laugh is forgiven, but the second laugh comes out. The last person standing wins €50,000 for charity.

It is not yet known who will participate in the second season. “Who do you want to see?” Prime Video asks followers on their Instagram account. Names such as Jochem Myjer, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Ronald Goedemondt and Daniel Arends have been suggested in the comments.

The first season, which aired at the end of January, instantly turned out to be a hit. For example, the clip in which comedian Bas Hovlak sings a dry jingle on his tape recorder went viral. The video attracted 750,000 viewers within a few days and went viral on social media.

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Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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