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Bing AI chatbot users can use conversation style toggles to indicate if they want Bing to provide more creative or more accurate answers. Microsoft has already indicated that it is considering such a switch. The chatbot was more likely to react in an aggressive or negative way.

The switch consists of three settings: Creative, Balanced, or Precise. Head of Microsoft Mikhail Barakhin says on Twitter That toggle key should now be visible to all users. According to Barraquin, a careful setting, a careful setting, should provide more “realistic” answers than other settings. So while a subtle switch should provide more facts and extra precision, a creative setup should provide “authentic” responses with “surprise and entertainment”.

Behind the different keys are different models, Parakhin explains. It may concern models that are modified slightly differently or with different models Reinforcement learning from human feedbackModels. that rlhf models Learning from feedback from human users.

Since mid-February, Microsoft has made the Bing chatbot available to its first test users, a group that is gradually expanding. Shortly after launch, Microsoft acknowledged that Bing could generate hostile or negative feedback over long sessions, adding that it “completely did not expect” the chatbot to be used for social entertainment. In addition, the company announced that it is considering a conversational style switch, which is now available.

Switch Bing chat mode. source: musible

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