Singer Merol says goodbye after 9 episodes of De Slimste Mens

Singer Merol says goodbye after 9 episodes of De Slimste Mens

Meryl Baldi, Merol’s real name, made her first appearance on the show on November 10. I immediately scored a high: With a crazy score of 598 seconds, I stole 5th place on the list of all-time best scores. And it didn’t stop there.

Since you can only participate a limited number of times in the Dutch version of the programme, things are different in Belgium. Here you stay in the program until you graduate in the final. And that is exactly what happened yesterday in Merol. After nine episodes, her participation ended. Flemish viewers will see her again in recent weeks.

She remembers sharing it on Instagram. It happened, but don’t worry because I had so much fun, got to know so many wonderful Belgians, was on every cover and was overwhelmed by the lovely messages that I couldn’t reply to all of them. But I’ve read almost all of them, thank you.

Merol’s success in the program has also ensured that she is better known among our southern neighbours. It was featured in almost all magazines and newspapers last week, because who is the Dutchman who knows everything? Her songs do not go unnoticed. Her songs “vol” and “Hou je bek en bef me” are now in the list of Belgian Viral 50 on Spotify.

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