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My biggest pain is actually the lack of vehicles. A maximum of 4 heavy vehicles per side, for example, while Golmud had 5 tanks, 2 LAVs and an AntiAir. Then 2 more helicopters per side, 2 helicopters per side + 1 objective helicopter as you play on over 25 thick vehicles. Then came the army jeeps, along with two transport helicopters and a warplane.

That is while the maps are much larger and you have twice as many players.

Some of the points are really unbalanced, but luckily that works both ways. There are now also a few targets that are more important to control the map.

Moan as bullets spread, well, it’s a bit of a Battlefield game where you dump a clip on someone and every shot goes wrong. It’s also a matter of getting used to. I can clearly see that the spreads are a bit predictable. I like some weapons more than others. This spread gives me a strong sense that each weapon handles differently. I hope they don’t mess with this too much, in the BF5 there were only a few guns in my opinion. Almost all single-shot weapons reacted the same as automatic weapons … Nice that you have so many types, but if they all dealt with the same thing, well, what good is so many weapons.

With Portal there, which we hope will be expanded as well. Can 2042 become the best battleground?

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