“Twitter threatens Meta with legal action over fake app themes” – IT Pro – News

On the one hand understandable, and on the other hand I think there are reasons to say before the judge: “Well, uh, no.”

– Why a meta and not another like a mastodon?
Why did these employees have access to all that data? You didn’t do enough to stop him
– If it turns into an in depth view where every piece of internal documentation is posted: Why weren’t Twitter’s procedures/systems/contracts “in place”?

Meanwhile, I’ve been around the IT world long enough to learn about startups, large-cap companies, and startups, but also to get a sense of their business statuses. A successful startup can succumb to growing pains, just as companies the size of Phillips can run into trouble due to too strict procedures/lack of vertical coupling. My hunch (I can’t prove it) is that Twitter is the opposite: start: success. Scale up: success with Asterisk. Kber: In my opinion, a company that does not have certain basic processes in order, such as auditing, work procedures, check-in and check-out issues, ISO27001, etc. … is also difficult, because it is social media that you are one of the first to invent, and in some things (build the installation base, After all, you can tweet everything (even your fridge) was fine, but “being a company” was not about it in my opinion.

Musk is not stupid. I’m not saying he’s smart at everything (I’m one of those people who’s pretty smart at some things myself but seriously don’t ask me to prune my grapes because even though I mow your lawn with a homemade robotic lawnmower, I’m afraid to think in your hydrangea as a grape). He might want to make a fuss, but I think he figured out pretty quickly (and thus tried to hold back) what Twitter is. And that makes sense. I think going up or down is the strategy now.

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