Benny Miranda: ‘Brunswick is a crazy coronation and the president must intervene to stop this’

Ronnie Brunswijk

BEP Assistant Spokesperson Benny Miranda says the Suriname constitution provides no basis for appointing Vice President and ABOP President Ronnie Brunswick as King. “We don’t have kings in Suriname. It’s crazy that something like this has just been invented. In Suriname we know the captain, Baja, granman, district commissioner and chief. It doesn’t go any further,” Miranda confirmed in an interview on Culturu TV on Thursday.

He believes that President Chan Santokhi should intervene to prevent this alleged award by a committee of the Regency Council of the Royal African Kingdoms. “Because we will soon hear that the state will also have to pay a certain amount for some kind of royal house with fake princes and princesses. And that is illegal and illegal. We are not crazy in this country, are we? Suriname has never had a king. So the president and the members of the DNA must Interfering,” the politician said.

Officially, Brunswijk’s title became His Royal Majesty of the African Diaspora in Suriname. With the prize comes the mission of uniting Afro-Surinamese, particularly the Maroons and Creoles.

Brunswijk’s coronation takes place at Moengo Tapoe. Miranda fears that with this move by Brunswick, other population groups in Suriname will follow the same path.

“Otherwise, the Javanese of Tamanrejo can say tomorrow or the day after tomorrow that they will install a king in Blablabla. The people of Atjoni, Brokopondo, Sipalewini and Jojaba can say next month that they will install a king there. Then it becomes a madhouse. They will laugh at us in the Netherlands and around the world,” said an assistant spokesperson. BEP “The President must intervene to stop this.”

He adds that there is no royal bloodline that the ABOP CEO can count on. It is therefore suggested that Brunswick would prefer to realize its kingship in Ghana, because such kingship is imposed on the Afro-Surinamese.

The BEP Assistant Spokesperson doubts Brunswick will be crowned because he knows he won’t become president in 2025 and won’t return as vice president. This allows him to take a piece of the legacy with him.

Meanwhile, Brunswijk calls out in a video “alla buskondee sma, ala photo sisa nanga photo balaOutside, to witness the big moment on Saturday.

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