Residents of Stadspark Groningen count the decibels in Rammstein. ‘Anouk’s performance was worse’

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Look, one unforgettable backyard prom, okay. But 12 times a year, and then also 12 days of noise on the Suikerunie terrain: that goes way too much. “It spoils your enjoyment of life.”

For a moment it seems like an ordinary, beautiful summer evening. Birds chirping, it’s almost windless and two balloons of hot air are sailing over the city of Groningen.

They haven’t started yet, have they? Or do they play a very soft piece first? These are questions that can be heard at Verzetsvluchterslaan in Groningen, right next to the Stadspark where German metal band Rammstein will be playing for two evenings.

City Park’s Alfred Sumsen and Manon van der Meulen are naturally at the first heading of their bike tour leading former residents of City Park who are troubled by the events taking place there. Two council members (from PVV and SP) are cycling along. The occupant of the house ran away from the noise.

Then it explodes, at 8:34 p.m. and it’s immediately clear what the locals mean, though Rammstein starts off in a friendly way. The bass notes are clearly audible, but also tactile.

“It spoils your enjoyment of life.”

They walk to the backyard, Sumsen has a decibel meter in his hand that peaks at 73. , This sound really comes through, this can’t be ignored. It won’t take half an hour, eh, and it will last until eleven tonight. ‘In Kingsland, it’s every day, day and night,’ says Sumsen. “It spoils your enjoyment of life.”

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Suddenly a boom. fireworks. “Imagine that the kids in this neighborhood are going to school tomorrow,” says van der Meulen.

They didn’t find a Rolling Stones gig to be a problem, in fact, Van der Meulen was there. The difference between then and now, she says, is that during festival season you’ll soon have 12 songs at the Stadspark. , plus 12 times on Suikerunieterrein, plus techno parties in that little building on Drafbaan, plus Martiniplaza. Would you like to live here? Can’t you sit in the garden because of the noise? ”

A little further from Van Brakelplein, Annemre Boekema is sitting in her garden. “Terrible. Looks like war.” I was shocked by the fireworks. It’s 9:52pm.

A couple (Albert and Anki) in the mid-1970s are disturbed by how often events are held at the Stadspark. “This park is for people who don’t have a park, not for events. They could do much better to make Euroborg suitable for big concerts, this stadium is always empty! They don’t have to build a new Oosterpoort either,” says Albert.

I was in Fira last week.

He and his wife traded the city center 30 years ago for a house near the Stadspark. They are tired of the inner city: always a nightlife crowd at the door and always a fairground. They are unhappy because they are now increasingly seeing concerts at the Stadspark. “While I love music. I was in Fira last week, but I also found it very difficult there!” says Alpert.

By the way, he has to say it’s not so bad, Rammstein. It’s 10:20 p.m. when he says: “Anouk’s performance on Stadspark Live was worse. Actually, that’s just acceptable. We’ve got the wind behind us.”

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Then the stormy final chord has yet to come.

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