These two residents had to leave Big Brother: ‘In shock’

These two residents had to leave Big Brother: 'In shock'

This week is not one, but two Big brotherResidents pack their bags. We’ll tell you who’s here!

I notice! Spoilers follow tonight’s Big Brother broadcast.

Last week was a little different than usual for the people of the area older brother-House. It wasn’t the residents who could decide the nomination list, this time it was up to the viewers.

And that was first and foremost for Leroy, for at least the fourth (!!) time in a row also Noel and for the first time even a resident of Vera. The residents did not know at the beginning of the broadcast that at least two people had to leave.

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“I did not get”

Vera and Leroy saw some kind of nominations coming. Leroy did not think he was terrible, he missed his mother and daughter very much. Nawal thought it strange to be on the checkout list again. “Now it’s not the residents, is it?” , asked the Flemish.

One resident was so lucky, that Salar was allowed to give someone an exemption from the nomination list. The lucky one became none other than Kristoff.

These residents had to leave Big Brother

Moment Big brother– The residents heard that not one person, but two residents had to return to their homes, they said without exception “in shock” to be. It seemed pretty stressful to Noelle, as the 26-year-old resident had just celebrated her birthday that evening.

Nawal’s great gift was that she was able to stay this week too. Leroy and Vera should have done that Big brother– He left the house immediately.

Viewers seemed especially sorry that Vera had to go home.

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy. This has nothing to do with it The resident who had to leave the house last weekthis is Big brother– A resident touched herself in the bathroom and peeked at the other residents in the bathroomBig brother– Chair Grace alarmed viewers after she allegedly picked two women out of the vagina.

Big brother It can be seen every working day from 20:30 on RTL5. Broadcasting starts on Saturday at 20:00. You can follow the live broadcast on Videoland 24/7.

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