Not Mark Zuckerberg, but Nick Clegg can now take the hit on Facebook’s behalf

Not Mark Zuckerberg, but Nick Clegg can now take the hit on Facebook's behalf

If something has gone wrong with Facebook in recent years, the same person has always had to show up: founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Whether it’s privacy scandals, fake news, or hate speech, Zuckerberg has been held accountable. It makes sense, because he has the last word and can only fire himself.

Zuckerberg has been forced into a position he absolutely does not want to: having to defend Facebook over and over again. He is now transferring that role to Nick Clegg. The promotion of the former British politician – who was deputy prime minister under David Cameron – was announced on Wednesday. Clegg has been with Facebook since 2018 as Head of Communications and Public Policy.

Within Facebook’s parent company Meta, Clegg is on a par with duo Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, who have made the platform great. The Briton gets the title Head of Global Affairs He will now report to both Zuckerberg and Sandberg.

big change

In this ad Less than 300 words means a big change. Clegg will be responsible for all policy matters – including upcoming regulations and explanation of Meta policies. For example, Zuckerberg and Sandberg can get their hands on complex files.

Zuckerberg wants to put his energy into new products. He has big ambitions with metaverse† For now, this is nothing more than an idea where the digital and physical worlds will be more intertwined. virtual And the augmented reality You will play a major role in this. Sandberg will mainly focus on the business side; In this area Does the Meta have enough challenges

Clegg spent years in British politics and served as Deputy Prime Minister under David Cameron between 2010 and 2015.

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