Guys, also take a look at your bullying behavior

Guys, also take a look at your bullying behavior

The BOOS broadcast about the infringing behavior on The Voice of Holland appears to have opened the door for a new #MeToo wave. Since the much-discussed broadcast, Ajax director Marc Overmars and police union Gerrit van de Kamp have had to resign due to inappropriate behavior towards women. The reactions to rapper Lil Klein who abused his girlfriend can also be seen in this light.

ChefS singer Joshua Nollet especially notes that he is remarkably quiet among men. Yes, there is a lot of criticism of big names like mentioned above, for example Ali B and Marco Borsato. But when it comes to putting one’s hand on your lap, the criticism suddenly becomes less. Others are to blame, after all. But is that really so?

Nolet trying something with a video on Instagram […] To add to the conversation. He points out that many men should think about their behavior more often: “As a man, think about yourself and whether you’ve crossed a line with a girl or a woman. It’s complicated, but it’s worth it.” According to Nolet, transgressive behavior doesn’t directly mean that you’re guilty of serious sexual violence, but that you’ve crossed the line as well. So it’s time for some reflection and asking yourself if those boundaries are in good hands: Complicated, but worth it.”

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