Why you should start retrospective series Manifest

Why you should start retrospective series Manifest

the plot

statement Follows the crew and passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, which has landed safely in New York after a turbulent but routine flight from Jamaica. The passengers soon learned that in the few hours they were in the air, the scientist had turned five and a half years old. Their friends, family, and colleagues mourned them during that time — and they moved again.

In the face of the impossible, they all get a second chance. But as this new reality sinks in, a deeper mystery unfolds. Some passengers soon realize that they may be ready for something bigger than they thought possible.

Josh Dallas

Although we are in statement After a number of different passengers, the main roles are played by Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas, who play brother and sister Michaela and Ben Stone. When we meet Michaela, an ambitious policewoman, she struggles with a tragic act from her past and wonders about a future with her fiancé Jared. Ben is a true family man and has a lot of trouble accepting that his son has cancer. When they boarded Flight 828, everything changed…

Does Josh sound familiar to you? And that can! The actor was previously seen in the series one day Like Prince Charming. Even though the last episode of this dates back to 2018, Josh still lives up to his name.

Season 4

despite statement Already aired in 2018 by US channel NBC, the show only became wildly popular when Netflix bought the rights last year and put its first two seasons online in one fell swoop last January. NBC canceled the series after three seasons, but due to its renewed popularity, Netflix decided to include an additional series. The final season will have twenty episodes and the first images have already been shared by the streaming service. We don’t have to wait long, Season 4 can already be watched in November.

Check out the first pictures below:

The first three seasons of statement You are watching on Netflix now.

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