Polestar 5: Promising Flagship – Looking Forward

Polestar 5: Promising Flagship - Looking Forward

“No, really, it’s really not a Volvo!” In Polestar, words in this sense have been used several times in recent years, but perhaps often without much effect. That’s not surprising, because the Polestars we know so far, look like two drops of water on the outside and under the skin on models from sister brand Volvo. The Polestar 1 was actually a coupe inspired by the Volvo S60, while the Polestar 2 began its life as a Volvo concept car. It shows, because with its Thorhamer headlights, clean lines and large grille, the styling is truly “Volvo,” albeit with a more modern, high-tech sauce. We’ve known for some time that the distinction with future models will be much greater. In 2020, Polestar introduced the Precept, a concept car that demonstrated a new design direction. The cleanliness and elegance that we Europeans find can still be very beautiful, but it will be combined with sharper folds and a completely unique design of the back and nose. The principle goes into production with minor changes such as pole star 5.

Although the images on these pages are not official yet, you can rest assured that the new Polestar will look like this soon. The car had already appeared in the patent drawings, so that our in-house artist only had to translate the details already shown into a more realistic picture. In those photos we see an elongated and low car, which undoubtedly has excellent aerodynamics. And with this, the ‘5’ joins a growing line of ‘aerodynamic EVs’, which we find in Mercedes under the names EQE and EQS and a lower division also like the Hyundai Ioniq 6. Tesla also falls with a bit of goodwill in this segment. , just like the BMW i4.

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2 electric motors

However, Polestar appears to be targeting the Porsche Taycan and Audi RS e-tron GT, at least in terms of power. In its most powerful form, the Swedish-Chinese EV generates 884 hp and 900 Nm, more than the Taycan Turbo S. about technology. Obviously, the Polestar 5 is on its own platform, and it is only for electric cars. That’s a big difference with the Polestar 2, which shares its technical foundation with the Volvo XC40, and is also available with combustion engines. The aerodynamics, new base and higher position also suggest that the Polestar will significantly push its own limits in the field of range, due to a larger power source and hopefully also somewhat lower consumption.

Polestar 5 - Illustration: Larson

Polestar 5 – Illustration: Larson

The interesting question in this type of coupe-like model is whether it is a four-door or a five-door. In Polestar, they apparently could not choose, because the number 5 is located precisely in the middle between these two options. This is possible, because the car does not actually have a rear window. The panoramic roof extends down unusually, so there is a possibility that there is still something to be seen in a potential interior mirror. Immediately after that roof, halfway where the window would normally be, the tailgate begins. So it’s clearly higher than a real sedan, but lower in height than full-back. The camera provides the view to the rear, on the line between the glass and the carriage. The back is mostly closed. It’s interrupted by an inverted U-shaped taillight assembly, making it slightly reminiscent of a Volkswagen XL-1. By the way, this economic miracle also did not have a rear window, which makes the similarity even greater. Side mirrors are still real mirrors, at least in some versions. It cannot be ruled out that camera mirrors will be available at an additional cost soon. The handles are elegantly recessed and the side windows are of an unstyled type, for a sporty and elegant look.

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Only on the road in 2024

Remarkable is the black element at the threshold rise, which should undoubtedly indicate the presence of a large battery pack. At the front, the two-tiered headlights catch the eye. With their L shape, the parts look like mirror images of each other, which fits nicely in the Polestar logo. The Great Blacknet Polestar 2 has been banned forever. The nose is soft, taut, and largely closed, in proportion to the EV. We hope that the massive front cover provides access to additional luggage space.

Although the Polestar 5 already looks very ‘finished’ and in a slightly camouflaged form, it came into operation during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, according to the official version, we will have to wait until 2024 for the final production model to appear on the scene. First, the Polestar 4 has not yet appeared, an SUV that is more conservative in appearance, but also shares a lot of design elements with the futuristic flagship.

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