The victim of misconduct, The Voice: ‘At that moment he began to feel’

The victim of misconduct, The Voice: 'At that moment he began to feel'

2 ex-participants of Holland sound Our talk show RTL lover They told their story of sexual misconduct that happened behind the scenes at the talent show. Following allegations about it, band leader Jeroen Rietbergen resigned on Saturday. View also apologize profusely for his behaviour.

One of the previous participants, Ninke Wijnhofen, says Rittbergen touched it. It is said that it happened after the leader of the band suggested that she check out the music studios. “And at that moment he began to feel,” she agreed.

Wijnhoven waited a long time to get out, she says, because she was afraid that she, too, would be blamed for what had happened. She also feels ashamed.

“horny pants on”

she said too lover About a singing lesson where she had to lie on the floor to rehearse. According to her, Rittbergen then said something along the lines of: “I would like to lie on her.”

In addition to Wijnhoven, who participated in the 2017-2018 season, Kirsten Berkx was also at the table. lover, who was on the show a season before that. She described an incident in which I went down the hall after a singing lesson. Rittbergen was nearby, then said, according to her: “What sexy pants are you wearing.”

She says she was shocked by the comment and thought it was mostly inappropriate. “As a man you have no right to say such a thing to a girl. You have a working relationship at the time.” Both former candidates were visibly emotional when they told their story on the talk show.

mixed feelings

Earlier in the evening he went to a talk show HLF8 Also about the scandal the sound. Lt. Col. Johnny De Mol, son of the sound– Creator John de MolAnd He said he was “not objective enough” about the situation. He is “overwhelmed with conflicting feelings”. He called Rittbergen an “incredible bastard”, but also said he still loved him and had been in app contact with his “blond uncle”.

Johnny de Mol believes that his father was aware of the abuses that took place in the sound: “The executives knew about it, and we were able to read it. So I suppose he did, too.”

Linda, Johnny’s aunt, “completely went through it now.” Today, it announced that it will cease all activities for the time being. She also has her relationship with Rietbergen broken. The presenter says he does not know that Ritbergen’s behavior was the reason why Linda de Mol and her husband broke up years ago. “They kept it a secret.”

voice gesture

On Saturday, RTL announced that the sound It will not be broadcast at the moment due to allegations of sexual misconduct against multiple creators. These allegations emerged through his investigations BOOS, BNNVARA on YouTube. Today it was announced The Voice Kids in a The Voice Senior They are not on TV at the moment.

Band leader Rittbergen admitted in an extended statement that he had “contact of a sexual nature” with the women who participated in the show. Coach Ali B has also been charged with sexually offensive behaviour. A complaint was filed against him. He denies these allegations.

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