‘No Time To Die’ continues to make money

'No Time To Die' continues to make money

For the first time last week No time to die In many cinemas around the world. In the US, the 25th Bond movie was released a week later, but now North American fans can head to their local cinema for 007’s latest adventure. Daniel Craig.

during evening shows, No time to die He raised $6.3 million arranged. This is not a record compared to previous premieres in the time of Corona, but the result is higher than that ghost of 2015, which then raised about $5.25 million.

The global score will increase
The expectation is that No time to die $55-60 million in first weekend in North America. Outside the US, this weekend’s counter will be worth about $150 million, taking the global rankings to about $300-$350 million.

The US pre-sale of tickets will be higher than that of the weekend premiere Poison: Let there be a massacre So who knows, the yield in the states will be (significantly) higher.

Which No time to die by Curry Fukunaga It is clear that a lot of money will have to be raised to cover the costs. It is said that the production budget was about $300 million and hundreds of millions were invested in large-scale promotional campaigns.

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