California requires supermarkets to offer gender-neutral toys

California requires supermarkets to offer gender-neutral toys

In the US state of California, supermarkets must also offer products such as toys and baby care products in a gender-neutral manner from 2024. The new law relates, among other things, to hygiene and care products. Clothes are not included.

California is the first state to introduce such a law. The law does not prohibit boys’ and girls’ divisions, but it does stipulate that supermarkets must also have a “reasonable selection” of products independent of the traditional distinction between boys and girls.

Representative Evan Low is the initiator of the bill. He said he was “incredibly grateful” that it has now been adopted. “The law should guarantee a girl to find a police car, fire truck, or dinosaur. On the other hand, if you’re more artistic as a boy and like to play with sparkles, why not?” Los Angeles Times.

500 employees minimum

The law applies to supermarkets with at least 500 employees. Some supermarkets have previously made changes to the way they display products. For example, supermarket chain Target announced in 2015 that it would discontinue gender-based labels in its stores.

This was the third time Democrats had attempted to pass legislation in the state. The law has been criticized by some members of the Republican Party and conservative groups, who believe the government should not dictate what parents buy for their children.

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