eFootball (PES) Review – Buy, Budget or Knock Down?

eFootball (PES) Review - Buy, Budget or Knock Down?

In the peep show Last week we already talked about the drama surrounding esports football. So you know it’s nonsense. But Coss would like to clarify this again in the review. Because it hurts him and many old-school PES fans. So much pain. That is why in this review he explains what is wrong with the game. Is the title really as bad as it sounds? Are they consistently terrible or are some parts of the game still good and playable? Can Konami fix this or is it the end of the story? about and finished. Koos will tell you all that and more. With the main question is it something that should be demolished or demolished or perhaps demolished anyway? Although the game is free…

What’s wrong with eFootball

eFootball is the spiritual sequel to Pro Evolution Soccer. The franchise has made, as it were, a fresh “fresh” start. But was this a good idea? Is the beginning really fresh? Will Konami be able to continue as powerful as what PES has been? Koos will share his experiences with you. How do you play the game? Are you playing more realistic or more arcade-like? What is the graphic style of the game? The game was created with a new engine. Did you notice that too? Does the game have a future in this case? Is it a buy, a budget fund, or a demolition?

Should FIFA be afraid of this…

The question is of course. Is eFootball a worthy competitor to FIFA 22? The game said they wanted to bet very hard on the e-sports part of the game. Did Koos play the multiplayer game? Is there even a single player mode in the game? Or is it filled with the winning elements of a multiplayer game. Coz will discuss this and more with you. You can see it in our eFootball (PES) review – Buy, Budget or Knock Down?.

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