Everything you need to know about the new update for your iPhone

Everything you need to know about the new update for your iPhone

In the fall of 2021, iPhones all over the world will be equipped with a new operating system: iOS 15. It is not fully developed and will be ready for use soon. The third alternative. But what can we all expect about iOS 15.3?

At the moment, iOS 15.3 is still in development and the software is being tested by a so-called beta tester. Apple takes feedback from this group of people and implements it into the new version of the system. Until the time to supply all users around the world.

What can we expect from iOS 15.3?

iOS 15 has been on the market for a few months now, but it doesn’t carry all the announced functions yet. For example, the current system (iOS 15.2) brought us SharePlay, Digital Legacy, and many more. iOS 15.3 will likely do this as well. The question remains, of course, what features attract attention.

Hopefully Apple will finally take steps with Universal Control. This functionality makes it possible to make iPadOS and macOS work better together. For example, it is possible to control several Apple devices with a single mouse and consumers can use a single keyboard. We were expected to see the functionality last year, but the deadline has been pushed back to the spring of 2022. So hopefully, iOS 15.3 shows the first signs of a feature that will undoubtedly have an impact on iOS.

iOS 15.2: Your iPhone will be equipped with these features from today

What problems have been resolved?

iOS 15.3, like previous operating systems, will bring some bug fixes. Earlier, a huge problem was discovered in the HomeKit API that malicious people can exploit. This puts users who have iOS 14 or iOS 15 at risk. Apple is working to fix this issue with the current update. The intention was actually that Apple would actually solve this with iOS 15.2, but unfortunately the company didn’t work out. Until then, consumers are advised to remove Home Shortcuts from the Control Panel.

In addition to the above issue, with iOS 15.3, Apple will be dealing with other issues as well. When it becomes clear what these problems are, we will modify this article.

When will iOS 15.3 be released?

We don’t have an official release date for iOS 15.3 at the moment. We know that Apple is testing the operating system with members of the beta program. If we look at previous operating systems, and the time between updates, it is not surprising that we count about seven weeks. So, given the release of iOS 15.2 on December 13, 2021, we can expect it to be released at the end of this month or early next month.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

iPhone 13 14 . series
The whole family together (Photo: Mark Hoffman/OMT)

How do you get the program?

When iOS 15.3 is officially released for your iPhone, you can download the update in the standard way. So do it for Settings -> General -> Software Update Togo. When the new update is ready for you, you can download it and then install it.

This is already fixed in 15.2.1.

It would be nice if Apple could make Split View optional again. I’ve already spoken to several users who are slaying who swipe two fingers from the top of the screen (VoiceOver reading function) and inadvertently end up in split mode.

Let them fix a bug where the entire browser history and Google ID are exposed in Safari – this has been working since November 2021.
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iOS 15.3: Everything you need to know about the new update for your iPhone

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