Mother sees Arnhem office officers getting off track: ‘I didn’t know it was filmed’

Mother sees Arnhem office officers getting off track: 'I didn't know it was filmed'

After Amsterdam, Eindhoven and The Hague, Ewout Genemans will join the police in Arnhem, the capital of Gelderland, this season. For eighty days, the show maker closely follows twelve agents to get to know the person behind the uniforms and experiences the most diverse. In one episode, which has since been discontinued, police officers Bass and Marilyn this season receive a report about a young boy at the station. He told passersby that he no longer saw life.

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Without a doubt, his mother watches the episode when she suddenly sees her son in the picture. Although the boy in question is not visible in the picture, she immediately sees that it is her son. “This was my son,” she says under a pseudonym. “He didn’t even know the recordings had been made. Weird. Really weird.”

Due to the public observation function, it is allowed to shoot on the public road as in Arnhem office Police spokesman Sven Strebosch explains to the newspaper. According to Strijbosch, it is not necessary to inform the mother or other relatives of the young man on the track in Duiven, because he is old. In fact, since he is of age, his mother may not have been informed on the basis of the GDPR.

The police also told his mother that it was legal. “I was speechless and sad. The next day I called RTL. Pictures were removed within a few hours.” It is also no longer possible to watch broadcasts in Videoland. “Of course we understand the precarious personal situation,” RTL replied. “After calling his mother, we removed the part from the episode.”

Arnhem office It can be seen every Tuesday evening at 8.30pm on RTL 4 and in Videoland.

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